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  • Review: Model Minority

    Review: Model Minority

    Model Minority sets the main character in a gritty, difficult situation. Sixteen year-old Kayla (Nichole Bloom) has artistic talent and dreams of being an artist. Her half Japanese ethnicity makes people expect her to be a “model” citizen: smart, well-behaved, and on time with her homework.

  • Review: Echo Park

    Review: Echo Park

    Echo Park is Sophia’s (Mamie Gummer) story. We find her at a point in her life when she questions everything, she shakes up everything, and she turns a 180 on the way she’s been living. There are spoilers ahead.

  • Watch This: Trailer for Echo Park

    Watch This: Trailer for Echo Park

    Echo Park is  a romance between Sophie (Mamie Gummer) and Alex (Anthony Okungbowa, who also produced) in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. The film is directed by photographer and first time director Amanda Marsalis. The brief film synopsis is, “Echo Park is a story of two people coming together across cultural economic and […]

  • Big Casting News for Supergirl

    Big Casting News for Supergirl

    DC Comics is not going to sit still and let Marvel get all the big bucks from female characters such as Agent Carter, the upcoming Jessica Jones, and the female crew of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Nope, DC Comics is bringing Supergirl to CBS. Casting announcements appearing for the pilot are making news daily. I’m amped […]

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