Actors on Actors -UPDATED

Variety has created a series of conversations called “Actors on Actors” that are fascinating discussions between peers. Most of them are a man and a woman. I picked these three to include here because both the conversationalists are women, but don’t overlook the others at Variety Studio: Actors on Actors.

The women’s conversations are about art and craft and fame and the meaning of success.



UPDATE: Here’s another that just published with two women in conversation.

Review: The Homesman

The Homesman showed up recently on Netflix. I watched immediately.

The movie annoyed me. And the more I think about it, the more annoyed I become.

Spoilers ahead. Continue Reading: Review: The Homesman

Watch and Listen: New Trailer for Homesman and a Listen to the Music

The Homesman starts this weekend in theaters. It’s a film about women, but the title talks about a man. Go figure. The film stars Tommy Lee Jones and Hillary Swank. Tommy Lee Jones is also the director and wrote the screenplay.

I’m thinking Mary Bee Cuddy might turn out to be one of the more interesting characters to appear in a film in a very long time. Tough, independent, brave and real. In this film, there’s no flying through the air like The Dauntless, no 16 year old girls saving the world with a bow and arrow. Nothing against that kind of female heroine, but this story is much more down to earth. It’s about how real women endured (or failed to endure) the hardships of the prairies during the mid 19th Century.

The International trailer has some scenes that we haven’t seen before.

The music from the movie uses several unusual instruments that reflect the sounds of the beautiful New Mexico countryside where it was filmed. Tommy Lee Jones and composer Marco Beltrami discuss how the haunting melodies were conceived and recorded.

You can see an earlier trailer for The Homesman here.

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