Cinderella, find your dream and make it real

Cinderella has a glass slipper and a fancy ball. It also has pop music, rap, dance numbers, an inclusive cast, and a nonbinary fabulous godmother. The dominant message is to be true to yourself and live your passion – a theme that applies to both the women and the men in this reworked version of the old tale.

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Check out the Teasers from Lifetime’s Beaches – UPDATED

Everyone’s favorite tear-jerker Beaches is getting a remake on Lifetime TV. Some photos and a release date in January were just announced. Here’s the new cast. UPDATE: 11/19/16 with the trailer. Continue reading “Check out the Teasers from Lifetime’s Beaches – UPDATED”

Celebrating Female Friendship For Good

Ignorance is not stupidity. This probably means there is hope for the minions who currently support Trump. Assuming they learn something. Forget that horror show. I want to talk about learning a new song. Continue reading “Celebrating Female Friendship For Good”