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  • Review: First Match

    Review: First Match

    First Match is a raw and beautiful coming of age story. Elvire Emanuelle stars as a teenager in foster care who joins her high school wrestling team to get the attention of her dad.

  • Review: Strange Weather

    Review: Strange Weather

    I wanted to see Strange Weather because I’m a Holly Hunter fan. I wasn’t disappointed by Holly Hunter’s performance, but it was the women around her who brought her back from the brink of her grief and into a semblance of acceptance.

  • Review: Losing Sight of Shore, an Amazing Documentary

    Review: Losing Sight of Shore, an Amazing Documentary

    Losing Sight of Shore documents a journey by 4 women in a tiny boat who rowed 8,446 miles across the Pacific from America to Australia. They spent 257 days at sea, unsupported. Losing Sight of Shore is both harrowing and inspiring.

  • Review: The Intervention

    Review: The Intervention

    The Intervention features 4 couples in various stages of coming together or falling apart. They gather for a weekend with a crackpot plan to stage an intervention in the marriage of one of the couples.

  • Watch This: Trailer for Trapped

    Watch This: Trailer for Trapped

    Trapped is a documentary by Dawn Porter. The title refers to Targeted Regulations of Abortion Provider laws. It was released in January of this year, but is only available on limited screens. On the film’s website, you will find information on how to hold a community screening and a listing of theaters where the film […]

  • Review: Runoff

    Review: Runoff

    Runoff terrified me. It was so real, so close to the bone. This was not some glorified superhero tale, this was a real family with real problems and real choices to make. Mild spoilers ahead. Here’s the basic story. Frank (Neal Huff) and Betty (Joanne Kelly) are going under. His business of selling feed, antibiotics, […]

  • The New Season on Independent Lens

    The New Season on Independent Lens

    It made the news when Lois Vossen was promoted to executive producer of the PBS documentary series Independent Lens. That makes Vossen one of the top ranking people at PBS. The series she’ll head caught my attention when I saw the articles about her promotion. The commitment to independent film she talks about is wonderful […]

  • Watch This: Trailer for Runoff

    Watch This: Trailer for Runoff

    Most trailers tell you almost everything about a story. Runoff is different. You understand almost nothing of what is happening from the trailer. But it’s compelling and looks powerful. I am very interested in this film after watching this trailer. It looks like a unique film experience. Here’s the film synopsis. The beauty of the […]

  • Review: Your Sister’s Sister

    Review: Your Sister’s Sister

    Your Sister’s Sister stars Emily Blunt as Iris, Rosemarie DeWitt as Hannah, and Mark Duplass as Jack. It was written and directed by Lynn Shelton. She’s the blonde with the three actors in the photo above. I’ve had it in my watch list on Netflix for a long time and never watched it. But after […]

  • Review: The Trouble with the Truth

    Review: The Trouble with the Truth

    The Trouble with the Truth stars John Shea and Lea Thompson in a 90 minute conversation that maintains a sense of flow for the entire film. The way the cameras follow them, the way the two actors deliver thousands of lines apiece as if each one just occurred to them, and the chemistry between the […]

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