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  • Review: GLOW, season 3

    Review: GLOW, season 3

    Season 3 of GLOW was a bit less about the body slamming and a little more about character development. People who are more interested in women in skimpy outfits tossing each other about may be a little disappointed. People who are more interested in the women and their stories may be rewarded for their patience […]

  • Review: GLOW, season 2

    Review: GLOW, season 2

    GLOW is the thing you need right now. It has a great cast, the stunts and wrestling scenes are fabulous, the stories are half-crazed and fun, and it still manages to be real and serious and down to earth. Season 2 is waiting for you on Netflix.

  • Review: Season 1 of GLOW

    Review: Season 1 of GLOW

    Season 1 of the Netflix Original comedy GLOW wasn’t a total romp. It had plenty of serious moments. The overall impact, however, is one of R rated campy fun and female empowerment via headlocks and body slams.

  • Watch This: Trailer for GLOW

    Watch This: Trailer for GLOW

    GLOW begins June 23 on Netflix. Before we talk about stars, take a look a who’s making this comedy. GLOW is executive produced by Liz Flahive (Homeland, Nurse Jackie), Carly Mensch (Orange is the New Black, Nurse Jackie), Jenji Kohan (Orange is the New Black, Weeds) and Tara Herrmann (Orange is the New Black). These […]

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