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  • Review: Knives Out

    Review: Knives Out

    Knives Out paid homage to a beloved Agatha Christie style mystery genre with a full galaxy of stars and a well written story. It was funny. It was beautifully set in a creaky, remote, old mansion. It was definitely a winner.

  • What do you Think of the Summer Pilots?

    What do you Think of the Summer Pilots?

    The other day I mentioned a couple of pilots on TNT that I’m super excited about that star Jennifer Beals and Julia Stiles. The big networks – NBC, CBS, ABC, CW, and FOX – all have a full slate of summer shows lined up. You can see the full list by following the links. I […]

  • Veronica Mars Movie Sneak Peak (Video)

    Veronica Mars Movie Sneak Peak (Video)

    This Veronica Mars movie sneak peak was released at the recent San Diego Comic Con (SDCC). In case you aren’t aware of the back story, the money for this movie was raised in a Kickstarter project. The funding goal was raised in almost seconds (just a slight exaggeration). The Kickstarter project raised millions beyond its […]

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