Review: The Man in the High Castle, season 4

The Man in the High Castle, season 4, brought the long sci fi saga of a multiverse of worlds to an end. The world most of the story sits firmly in is where the US lost WWII and Germany and Japan have divided the former US between them.

If you’re reading this, I assume you’ve watched earlier seasons of the series and I don’t need to explain the premise behind this science fiction thriller here.

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Previews and Video from Complications

Complications starts June 18 on USA. It begins with a two-hour premier that should be plenty of time to get people hooked if it’s any good.

The star is Jason O’Mara as Dr. John Ellison. The women in the series are all arrayed around him in one way or another – other doctors, his wife, nurses. The women look like an important and compelling part of the drama, and not just something stuck in the story to make the lead male look good.

Also featured are Gretchen (Jessica Szohr), a nurse; John’s wife, Samantha (Beth Riesgraf), and Dr. Bridget O’Neill (Lauren Stamile).

Judging from the clips, the plot will be less medical drama and more social and action drama.

First take a look at the overall clip, then videos from the main female characters. Sorry about the ads.

Beth Riesgraf as Samantha Ellison.

Jessica Szohr as Gretchen Polk.

Lauren Stamile as Dr. Bridget O’Neill.

I’m happy to say that the main cast includes two black men who are not gang bangers. They are played by Ronreaco Lee and Chris Chalk.

I’m going to give it a chance. Do you think it’s worth a look?