Jean Smart

Brad Garrett, Dash Mihok, Jean Smart, Jacki Weaver, Reid Scott, Alexandra Daddario, Kiernan Shipka, Charlie Plummer, and Samantha Hyde in Wildflower

Wildflower: predictably heartwarming true story

Wildflower tells a true story meant to tug on your heartstrings. It’s totally predictable, but a good cast and some humor make it worth the watch.

Jean Smart in Hacks

Hacks, season 2, more delightful than ever

Hacks. What can you say about a show as wonderful as Hacks? It’s funny, it’s charming, it’s truthful, it’s touching, it’s dark comedic perfection. Jean Smart is the ultimate perfection as the struggling comedian Deborah Vance.

Jean Smart in Hacks

Season 1 of Hacks brings Jean Smart back to comedy

Hacks, season 1, just finished its run on HBO Max. Season 2 was approved just as season 1 ended. In Jean Smart’s long career we’ve seen her do everything, but she hasn’t often been the lead character. In Hacks she’s running the show and her performance is absolute gold.

Kate Winslet in Mare of Easttown

Mare of Easttown wows

Mare of Easttown is a terrific WOW of a mystery series from HBO. The main cast is all women, each of whom delivers an award worthy performance. Series creator Brad Ingelsby crafted a mesmerizing script with real characters and an array of twists and surprises. I see the potential for several Emmy nominations for this cast for both lead and …

Mare of Easttown wows Read More »

Rochelle Neil in The Nevers

The weekly watch on HBO includes Mare of Easttown and The Nevers

I’m realizing that I like binge watching something from start to finish. Waiting a week for a new episode of something I want to see is mildly annoying. Are you like that, too? Lately I’ve been devoted to two such shows on HBO: Mare of Easttown and The Nevers. Both release new episodes on Sundays. Their seasons are about midway …

The weekly watch on HBO includes Mare of Easttown and The Nevers Read More »

Regina King in Watchmen

Watchmen Brings Relevant Themes to Alternate Reality

I’m late to the party with Watchmen. I got HBO Max for Christmas and I’m catching up on all the good stuff that everyone else has already seen. The series is based on characters in a DC Comics graphic novel series. The heroes and the villains are all played by outstanding actors.

Connie Britton in Dirty John

Brain Dump: Klute, Dirty John vs. The Color Purple, Ellen DeGeneres

A few stray thoughts will tumble out of my head in this brain dump. Let’s spend a moment with Klute and Jane Fonda, Dirty John and The Color Purple, and Ellen DeGeneres Relatable.

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