Jennifer Perrott

Fleur Tashjian and Daisy May Cooper in Rain Dogs

Rain Dogs, when love alone isn’t enough

Rain Dogs from the BBC is a series about toxic love. It’s about people facing hard times and the struggle to survive. It’s about hating the person you love. It’s billed as both a comedy and a drama, but I didn’t find much to laugh about in this intense series.

Claudia Karvan in Newton's Law

Review: Newton’s Law, legal drama from Australia

Newton’s Law is a cheerful legal drama about Australian solicitor Josephine Newton, played beautifully by Claudia Karvan. Although Newton’s Law aired there in 2017, it just reached Acorn TV for viewers in the U.S.

Suranne Jones in Gentleman Jack

Watch This: Trailer for Gentleman Jack – UPDATED

I’m quite excited about Gentleman Jack. It’s an 8 hour historical drama series about Anne Lister, one of England’s earliest out lesbians. It’s written by Sally Wainwright. It stars Suranne Jones. Could anything get better than that?

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