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  • The Sunlit Night comes in only yellow

    The Sunlit Night comes in only yellow

    The Sunlit Night tells the story of Frances (Jenny Slate). Her painting career is going badly. Her parents are divorcing. Her boyfriend dumped her. The logical choice is to go to Norway to help a famous artist paint a barn using only the color yellow. This 2019 film is streaming on Hulu.

  • Review: Brain on Fire

    Review: Brain on Fire

    Brain on Fire is the true story of Susannah Cahalan, who underwent a frightening series of physical and behavioral changes at the age of 24. She was a reporter at the New York Post and should have been at the peak of her health and working hard to advance her career.

  • Review: Zootopia

    Review: Zootopia

    I so seldom watch children’s movies, but I stumbled on Zootopia because of having guests in the house. I forget that children’s movies are as much for adults as kids these days with jokes and a message for every age.

  • Review: Obvious Child

    Review: Obvious Child

    Obvious Child was advertised as “The most winning abortion themed rom-com ever made.” The title comes from the Paul Simon song of the same name.

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