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  • Review: Queen and Slim

    Review: Queen and Slim

    Queen and Slim is a loving and terrifying glimpse into a few days in the lives of an unlikely African American couple. I completely recommend the film for everyone.

  • Brain Dump: Pop Culture Three-Pack

    Brain Dump: Pop Culture Three-Pack

    My premise about pop culture for this blog is that it matters. What we see becomes what we think and what we know as a society. In that light, I wanted to share a few general items that I found interesting in the last week.

  • Review: Dear White People, Vol.2

    Review: Dear White People, Vol.2

    Dear White People Vol. 2 is the second season of this comedic discussion of race in America. The quality that characterized the first season continues as the story about a group of black students at mostly white Winchester University moves forward.  There are minor spoilers ahead.

  • Previews of Coming Attractions

    Previews of Coming Attractions

    I’ve got a bunch of previews for you today. I give you my capsule comments. I’d love to hear yours in the comments.

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