Liev Schreiber

Bel Powley in A Small Light

A Small Light: The Anne Frank Story You Didn’t Know

A Small Light is an excellent series about an overlooked part of the story of Anne Frank and the two years she and her family spent hiding in an attic in Amsterdam during World War II.

the cast of "spotlight"

Review: Spotlight

Spotlight tells the story of The Boston Globe and its investigative team (Spotlight) that finally brought the story of child abuse in the Catholic Church national and global attention. There has been so much anger and pain at the Catholic Church over this monstrous world-wide cover up of generations of young people traumatized and scarred forever by their most trusted …

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jon voight

Ray Donovan is a Wow!

I’ve never liked Jon Voight. I don’t have a good reason, he’s just never done anything for me. Of course I’ve seen him in a lot of things – there’s no avoiding the man. But, wow, he found the vehicle of a lifetime in Ray Donovan on Showtime. He is so perfectly Mickey Donovan – his walk, his tone of …

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