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  • Review: The Umbrella Academy, season 2

    Review: The Umbrella Academy, season 2

    The Umbrella Academy is SO GOOD in season 2. The pacing is perfect – never a dull moment. The special effects are well done. The music is wonderful. The twists and surprises are always fresh and never expected. The actors are brilliant. From start to finish, season 2 is a joy and a delight.

  • Review: Flint

    Review: Flint

    Flint is a Lifetime TV movie about the public health crisis in Flint, Michigan caused by unsafe drinking water. Before the movie aired, I saw criticisms saying that the movie would make it seem like everything was all right now, even though it isn’t. Well, the movie did not do that at all.

  • Watch This: Trailer for Flint

    Watch This: Trailer for Flint

    Flint is about the water crisis in Flint, Michigan and the 4 women who brought it to national attention. It premiers Saturday Oct. 28 on Lifetime TV.