Morgan Spector

Anna Diop in Nanny

Nanny: drama with a horror chaser

Nanny stars Anna Diop as the nanny to a New York City family. The nanny, Aisha, is an immigrant from Senegal who wants to make enough money to bring her young son to the United States with her.

Keira Knightley and Carrie Coon in Boston Strangler

Boston Strangler: the reason you’ve heard of him

Everyone has heard of the Boston Strangler. It’s a famous case. Notorious. But did you know it was two women reporters, Loretta McLaughlin and Jean Cole, who broke the story and connected the dots between a series of murders the police hadn’t tied together? This is their story.

Morgan Spector and Carrie Coon in The Gilded Age

Review: The Gilded Age, are we having déjà vu?

The Gilded Age, from the creator of Downton Abbey’s Julian Fellowes, follows a consistent pattern he established with the earlier series. Rich and privileged people who employ a bevy of workers to support their lavish lifestyles. While the British series was all about class, the American series is all about money and how long a person has had it.

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