Reviews of movies and TV focused on women

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  • Review: Ashby

    Review: Ashby

    Sometimes you just get tired of scouring the streaming services in search of a film starring women or directed by a woman. Then you watch a comedy and hope for the best. Ashby is part comedy, part coming of age, part contract killer, and part end-of-life decisions.

  • Review: Grandma

    Review: Grandma

    Grandma stars Lily Tomlin as Elle. The entire story takes place in one day. It starts when Elle breaks up with her girlfriend Olivia (Judy Greer). Then Elle’s granddaughter Sage (Julia Garner) unexpectedly shows up needing $600 before sundown. Spoilers ahead.

  • Brain Dump: Short Thoughts on Movies and TV

    Brain Dump: Short Thoughts on Movies and TV

    I’ve had many pop culture thoughts that I’ve neglected to actually write down in the last few weeks. It’s time for a brain dump. Movies I absolutely loved Peace, Love and Misunderstanding! This 2011 indie film was directed by Bruce Beresford. It starred Jane Fonda as an aging, free-spirited hippie and Catherine Keener as her… Read more Brain Dump: Short Thoughts on Movies and TV