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  • Review: Absentia, season 3

    Review: Absentia, season 3

    Absentia, season 3, features danger, endless action, and suspense with the cop who never gives up, Emily Byrne (Stana Katic).

  • Review: Casual, season 1

    Review: Casual, season 1

    Casual is a half hour comedy series, a Hulu original. Four seasons of it were made. This review only talks about season 1.

  • Review: Absentia, season 2

    Review: Absentia, season 2

    Season 2 of Absentia starts off slowly, but builds to a terrifying, suspense-filled climax. This Amazon original thriller may be in line for a 3rd season, because season 2 ended with several issues unresolved.

  • Review: Absentia

    Review: Absentia

    Absentia, from Amazon Prime, is one of those superlative series. Superlatives like spellbinding, spine tingling, suspense-filled, thrilling! It deserves all the superlatives you’ve got.

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