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  • Review: Philomena

    Review: Philomena

    Philomena got raves reviews when it came out in theaters in 2013, but I missed seeing it then. I’ve made up for that now, because it’s currently available on Netflix, iTunes and Amazon Instant Video. I give the film a rave review as well. It’s wonderful, and full of the human interest that was so […]

  • Judi Dench Fights R Rating in M’s Persona – Updated

    Judi Dench Fights R Rating in M’s Persona – Updated

    Judi Dench is not happy about the R rating Philomena received in the U.S. The rating was the result of a couple of utterances of the word fuck. According to Variety, Harvey Weinstein geared up for a familiar ratings fight, appearing on “CBS This Morning” to announce that he and Philomena star Judi Dench are […]

  • Trailer for Philomena

    Trailer for Philomena

    Philomena is a tale about an Irish woman searching for the son she was forced to give up. It stars Judi Dench and Steve Coogan and will open in late November in theaters. In a month full of superhero releases, Philomena is one bright spot of a human-sized story about a real woman and her […]

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