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  • Recommended: Borgen – Updated

    Recommended: Borgen – Updated

    Borgen is an award winning Danish political drama. It has 3 seasons. You can see this 2010 series in the US on Netflix. This is one of the best TV series I’ve ever seen.

  • Review: The Sapphires

    Review: The Sapphires

    The delightful film The Sapphires is based on a real group of Aboriginal women from Australia who performed soul music in Viet Nam in 1968 for the troops there.

  • Recommended: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

    Recommended: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

    Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is an Australian series that just appeared on Netflix and Amazon. Season 1 is available on Netflix, season 2 is currently airing in Australia. Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries takes place in 1928 Melbourne. Essie Davis is Phryne Fisher, a feminist and free spirit who becomes a detective. The music, the sets, […]

  • Recommended: Last Tango in Halifax

    Recommended: Last Tango in Halifax

    Last Tango in Halifax is a 2012 British series which started on PBS last night. There are only 6 episodes in season 1, so get organized fast to watch this one. Last Tango in Halifax is all kinds of love stories, chiefly one between Celia and Alan, played by Anne Reid and Derek Jacobi. Here’s […]

  • Recommended: Broadchurch

    Recommended: Broadchurch

    Broadchurch is a small town on the coast of England. Broadchurch, a new series on BBC America, takes its name from that location. A young boy is murdered there at the opening of this excellent police drama.

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