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Sarah Lancashire and Patrick Breen in Julia

Julia: S2.E7 Shrimp and Grits

Julia: Shrimp and Grits is my all time favorite episode of Julia. It tells a clear story about women’s role in the world and the almost invisible ways they’ve had to wield influence over the years. Episodes like this one […]

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Sarah Lancashire in Julia

Julia: S2.E5 Bûche De Noël

Julia: Bûche De Noël shares some good laughs, twin David Hyde Pierces, and the sad realization that for all the things that have changed, things are still the same.

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Sarah Lancashire as Julia Child

Julia: S2.E4 Chocolate Mousse

Julia: Chocolate Mousse brings Julia Child (Sarah Lancashire) back to Boston to begin filming the second season of The French Chef. She arrives to find that much has changed in the 4 months she was gone. Now Julia is the

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Sarah Lancashire in Julia

Julia, episode 6, “Breads”

Episode 6 of Julia, directed by Melanie Mayron, is about both baking French baguettes and cooking sweetbreads. Instead of looking at what’s happening with Julia (Sarah Lancashire) in this episode, I want to talk about the supporting characters around her.

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