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Tag: Rosa Salazar

  • Review: Undone, season 2, fixing the timeline

    Review: Undone, season 2, fixing the timeline

    Undone is a fantastical animated series about time travel, mental health, and family love. It features a largely Latinx cast and a lead character who is hard of hearing. Ever wish you could skip around in time to fix your problems?

  • Review: Undone

    Review: Undone

    Undone is different. It’s animated, but it’s about adults and adult problems. It’s beautiful to look at with creativity bursting through every frame. It seems to be a story about time travel or the space time continuum, but it’s really a story about mental health.

  • Review: The Kindergarten Teacher

    Review: The Kindergarten Teacher

    Maggie Gyllenhaal is brilliant in The Kindergarten Teacher. She’s been teaching for 20 years when this messy-haired, quiet kid named Jimmy Roy (Parker Sevak) enters her class. He turns her whole life upside down.

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