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  • Review: Unicorn Store

    Review: Unicorn Store

    Unicorn Store bursts with a magical fantasy about finding yourself and growing up. It’s a work of visual art from start to finish. Brie Larson directed and stars in this fanciful tale of wonder.

  • Review: Captain Marvel

    Review: Captain Marvel

    Captain Marvel was a delight. It was fun and funny. The visual effects were stunning. It’s wonderful entertainment. Go see it. Looking for a woman reviewer’s opinion of this film? You just found one.

  • Watch This: Trailer for Captain Marvel

    Watch This: Trailer for Captain Marvel

    I’ve had more than one person accost me to tell me I how ignorant about some superhero or other because I hadn’t read the comic book. I’m confessing that I haven’t read the Captain Marvel comic books either. But I’m here for whatever Brie Larson is bringing forth in March of 2019.

  • Watch This: Trailer for Life Itself

    Watch This: Trailer for Life Itself

    Coming from Amazon Studios is Life Itself a love story from writer and director Dan Fogelman, the man responsible for This is Us. The film will be released in September 2018.

  • Reprint: A Good Year for Elder Actors

    Reprint: A Good Year for Elder Actors

    [This post originally appeared at Time Goes By, written by Ronni Bennett. Thanks to Ronni for allowing me to reprint it here.] Not infrequently, I grumble out loud around here about how few roles, especially major roles, there are in film for elder actors. Our generation doesn’t get much representation on what in our youth […]

  • Watch This: Trailer for Chi-Raq

    Watch This: Trailer for Chi-Raq

    Amazon Studios first effort at a movie released to theaters is Chi-Raq, an adaptation of the ancient Greek play Lysistrata by Aristophanes. It’s one of the oldest female-power stories in our culture, this time set against the backdrop of gang violence in Chicago. Women living amid gang war force their desire for peace on their […]

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