Sandra Oh

Sandra Oh in Umma

Umma, talk about mommy issues!

Umma stars Sandra Oh in a story haunted by intergenerational family issues. A film with Sandra Oh should have been better than this one is. I thought perhaps she was interested in acting (and producing) this story because it featured Korean culture and language.

Sarah Lancashire in Julia

Julia, episode 5, “Crepes Suzette”

Julia, episode 5, “Crepes Suzette” happened to be released during the same week as the finale of Killing Eve. Instead of recapping or reviewing the episode, I’m going to look at some parallels between the two TV shows and their respective casts.

Ava DuVernay in Dear . . .

Review: Dear . . . is short bios about influence

Dear . . . is an interesting way to talk about lives and the influence they have on others. Two seasons of short films are featured. People talk about their lives and then read letters from people they have inspired or influenced. The people who wrote the letters are shown reading their own letters.

Sandra Oh in The Chair

The Chair, good but not great

The Chair has a terrific cast with Sandra Oh and Jay Duplass leading a large group of excellent actors. This Netflix dramedy was full of good performances that couldn’t quite pull the 6 episode series over the line into greatness. It was good. It was enjoyable. But not great.

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