Sarah Jones

Julie Delpy in On the Verge

Review: On the Verge, women in mid-life

On the Verge tells the story of four women friends in their 40s who are in various stages of life crisis and change – all of it happening just before the coronavirus pandemic hits. Julie Delpy created and co-wrote the series along with co-star Alexia Landeau. Delpy directed 5 of the 12 episodes in this Netflix series.

Sonya Walger, Sarah Jones, Cass Buggé, Krys Marshall, and Jodi Balfour in For All Mankind

For All Mankind, season 1, presents an alt version of the space race

For All Mankind brings science fiction to an alternate version of history and the space race. In this series on Apple TV+, the Soviets won the race to the moon. The fallout from that caused much of the action in the space agency, NASA, in the years following.

Sarah Jones in Israel

Sarah Jones Brings Everywoman to the World

Is everywoman really a word? If it isn’t, it must be allowed in the case of Sarah Jones. Sarah Jones, alone on a stage, brings with her the perceptions of women from everywhere and shares them at the UN, at Davos, at TED, and on Broadway. Sometimes she brings a couple of men with her.

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