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  • CODA, a masterpiece

    CODA, a masterpiece

    CODA is emotional, touching, authentic, and moving. It’s a masterpiece of filmmaking from writer and director Sian Heder. CODA means Child of Deaf Adults. It’s a coming of age story for a hearing 17 year old girl whose mother, father, and big brother are deaf. It’s in theaters and streaming on Apple TV+.

  • Review: GLOW, season 2

    Review: GLOW, season 2

    GLOW is the thing you need right now. It has a great cast, the stunts and wrestling scenes are fabulous, the stories are half-crazed and fun, and it still manages to be real and serious and down to earth. Season 2 is waiting for you on Netflix.

  • 10 Great TV Series Directed Wholly or Partly by Women from 2017

    10 Great TV Series Directed Wholly or Partly by Women from 2017

    My standard disclaimer about top 10 end of year lists: there are many things I don’t see on TV because I don’t have the right channels or subscriptions. If I overlook your favorite, that may be why. Here are the best TV shows I saw in 2017 (even if they weren’t released in 2017).

  • Review: Tallulah

    Review: Tallulah

    Tallulah is a fascinating character study of broken people and how they deal with their responsibilities and relationships. It features a neglected baby, a homeless woman, and a lonely writer.

  • Watch This: Trailer for Tallulah

    Watch This: Trailer for Tallulah

    Tallulah, a Netflix movie, stars Ellen Page and Allison Janney in a motherhood themed story about a homeless woman and a kidnapped baby. 

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