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  • Review: A Call to Spy

    Review: A Call to Spy

    A Call to Spy tells the true story of 3 women who worked out of England as part of a spy network during World War II. They were brave and inspiring women whose efforts made a difference in how the war ended. The women were spies in France and helped organize the French Resistance. The […]

  • Review: Absentia, season 3

    Review: Absentia, season 3

    Absentia, season 3, features danger, endless action, and suspense with the cop who never gives up, Emily Byrne (Stana Katic).

  • Review: Absentia, season 2

    Review: Absentia, season 2

    Season 2 of Absentia starts off slowly, but builds to a terrifying, suspense-filled climax. This Amazon original thriller may be in line for a 3rd season, because season 2 ended with several issues unresolved.

  • Review: Absentia

    Review: Absentia

    Absentia, from Amazon Prime, is one of those superlative series. Superlatives like spellbinding, spine tingling, suspense-filled, thrilling! It deserves all the superlatives you’ve got.

  • Review: Sister Cities

    Review: Sister Cities

    Sister Cities is an all-star Lifetime movie about 4 sisters and how they deal with the suicide of their mother.

  • The Competent Female Sidekick Trope

    The Competent Female Sidekick Trope

    I want to point out some interesting work from other sites today. The first is a short video that I found on (If you haven’t subscribed to WhoHaHa yet, you really must.) The video is from Saturday Night Live and a bit gross, but give it a chance.

  • Dishing About this Week’s Season Openers

    Dishing About this Week’s Season Openers

    All the season openers for the week have aired now. Let’s talk about how they did. The two that I thought did the best job starting the new season off with a bang were Castle and Bones. Castle jumped right out of the gate with action, conflict and new situations. Beckett is busy in Washington […]

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