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  • Reservation Dogs, episodes 1-3

    Reservation Dogs, episodes 1-3

    Reservation Dogs is a new comedy series on FX (and Hulu) about Native American teens in a small community on a reservation in Oklahoma. Based on the first three episodes, I think it’s going to be an outstanding series.

  • Review: The Wilds, season 1

    Review: The Wilds, season 1

    The Wilds brings mystery and adventure to a 10 part series streaming on Amazon. A group of teen girls find themselves stranded on a deserted island. Their struggle to survive is interspersed with flashbacks that help you get to know the characters and the puppeteers behind the scenes.

  • Review: Impulse, season 2

    Review: Impulse, season 2

    Impulse, season 2, is packed with high emotion and action. Henry (Maddie Hasson) struggles to figure out what to do about her suddenly discovered power to teleport. All around her, the situation goes from bad to worse.

  • Review: Impulse, season 1

    Review: Impulse, season 1

    Impulse is an action-packed YouTube original. At its heart, it’s about sexual violence and assault. Wrapped around that heart is a blanket of mystery and sci fi about special powers. It’s a compelling combination, and very well done.

  • Review: Deidra & Laney Rob a Train

    Review: Deidra & Laney Rob a Train

    Deidra & Laney Rob a Train is a fanciful and improbable story about two teens who resort to train robbery when their mother is incarcerated.

  • Review: Her Story

    Review: Her Story

    Her Story is a web series about the T in LGBTQ. Transgender people and their problems are often overlooked by both the LGBTQ community and the larger society as well. Web series like this one can help change that.

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