Tassie Cameron

Meredith MacNeill and Adrienne C. Moore in Pretty Hard Cases

Pretty Hard Cases, cop dramedy with two women in the lead, season 1

Pretty Hard Cases is a blend of cop drama and laughs in this Canadian series running as an original on Freevee. This review is about season 1. Season 2 is already available and season 3 is in the making.

Amy Acker in The Gifted

Brain Dump: The Gifted, Ten Days in the Valley, Supergirl, and Etc.

The fall TV season is underway, with old favorites coming back and new shows revealing their opening episodes. Time to unleash a brain dump, which is a few short takes on several shows.

Kyra Sedgwick in Ten Days in the Valley

Ten Days in the Valley Hits the Ground Running in Episode 1

Ten Days in the Valley is a 10 episode mystery. The first episode aired on ABC on Sunday. If every episode is as tense and dramatic as the first one, this series will be excellent.

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