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  • Review: Dear White People the TV series

    Review: Dear White People the TV series

    Dear White People the series picks up where the movie ended. We go back to the black-face Halloween party and see it from several students’ perspectives. The technique of replaying important events from different characters’ points of view is used to great effect in the TV series.

  • Review: Dear White People

    Review: Dear White People

    Dear White People is a film about 4 black students at a mythical Ivy League university that takes aim directly at white people with all their ignorance, bias, privilege and insensitivity. The film uses smart dialog, hilarious one-liners, and real people with real issues to deliver its message. Spoilers ahead.

  • Review: Mississippi Damned

    Review: Mississippi Damned

    Mississippi Damned is an examination of what keeps people trapped in a cycle of poverty and abuse, and how some of them manage to escape. If you watched the excellent documentary What Happened, Miss Simone? you know that Nina Simone wanted to be a concert pianist. And you probably already knew that Nina Simone wrote […]

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