Tracy Ifeachor

Tracy Ifeachor and Celine Buckens in Showtrial

Showtrial, high profile crime story from the BBC

Showtrial is partly police procedural and partly courtroom drama. In only 5 episodes, directed by Zara Hayes, we see the crime, the police work, and the trial. After it’s all done and done, we still aren’t sure the right person was convicted of the crime.

Charlie Cox and Oona Chaplin in Treason

Treason, with enough blackmail to go around

Treason is a limited series from the UK. The best thing about the series is the women characters absolutely own it. The worst thing about the series is the larger than usual willing suspension of disbelief needed to go along with the plot. It’s fast-paced suspense with constant twists and coercion by blackmail to motivate the action.

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