Tristán Ulloa

Alba Baptista in Warrior Nun

Warrior Nun, season 2, with a more coherent plot

Warrior Nun returned to Netflix with a second season that held together much better than season 1. The heroine of the tale, Ava (Alba Baptista) led her kickass nun pals in a chase to rid the world of an evil character who escaped from another world.

Adriana Ugarte in The Time in Between

The Time in Between (El tiempo entre costuras)

The Time in Between (El tiempo entre costuras in the original Spanish) is a sweeping drama from Spain. Sira Quiroga (Adriana Ugarte) begins her life as a dressmaker in Madrid just before the Spanish Civil War. She becomes part of history as circumstances compel her into spying for the British during WW II. Some minor spoilers ahead.

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