Reviews of movies and TV focused on women

Tag: Victor Quinaz

  • Review: GLOW, season 3

    Review: GLOW, season 3

    Season 3 of GLOW was a bit less about the body slamming and a little more about character development. People who are more interested in women in skimpy outfits tossing each other about may be a little disappointed. People who are more interested in the women and their stories may be rewarded for their patience […]

  • Review: GLOW, season 2

    Review: GLOW, season 2

    GLOW is the thing you need right now. It has a great cast, the stunts and wrestling scenes are fabulous, the stories are half-crazed and fun, and it still manages to be real and serious and down to earth. Season 2 is waiting for you on Netflix.

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