Zoey Deutch

Zoey Deutch in Buffaloed

Buffaloed: a manic Zoey Deutch in top form

Buffaloed is a chaotic comedy starring Zoey Deutch in a frantic quest for the biggest, best, money making scheme she can find. All she wants to do is make money.

Zoey Deutch in Not Okay

Not Okay, when fake influencers get caught out

Not Okay is about a woman who lied her way to internet fame, then crashed and burned. This message film uses darkly satirical comedy with underpinnings from our broken celebrity culture. The dark comedy begins even before the movie starts with a warning, “This film contains an unlikeable female protagonist. Viewer discretion advised.” There are spoilers in this review.

Ben Platt in The Politician

Review: The Politician, season 1

The Politician, the latest production from Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy, is equal parts brilliant and scattered. It’s pretentiously adult but set in a high school. Thematically it jumps around from one idea to another and never quite lands. Ryan Murphy regulars abound. Yet overall, it’s wonderful.

Cierra Ramirez and Maia Mitchell in Good Trouble

Brain Dump: Before I Fall, Good Trouble, and Project Blue Book

Shall we have a few words on the movie Before I Fall, the new series Good Trouble on Freeform, and the History Channel’s Project Blue Book.

Taye Diggs and Lucy Liu in Set It Up

Brain Dump: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Set it Up, and The Bold Type

In this brain dump I’m disgorging tidbits about Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Set it Up, and The Bold Type. One’s to binge watch, one’s a movie, and one’s a series on Freeform.

Zoey Deutch, Medalion Rahimi, Halston Sage, and Cynthy Wu at Before I Fall

Watch This: Trailer for Before I Fall

Before I Fall is Groundhog Day for a teenaged girl. Zoey Deutch stars as the teen who relives the same day over and over. The film caught my attention because Jennifer Beals is in the cast.

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