The 10 Best Shows on Acorn TV

10 best shows on acorn tv

I frequently recommend series that appear on Acorn TV. They carry material from British and other international sources. It’s content you don’t always find in other places. Sometimes when I scroll through their offerings I notice how many of their shows I’ve already seen. That’s because so many of them are good! Here are some of my favorites.

The Oldenheim 12

The Oldenheim 12

A compelling mystery about a village where 12 people disappear and no clues are found to explain events.

No Offence

Elaine Cassidy in No Offence

A raunchy dramedy about a group of police officers in Manchester. There are three seasons of this series.

The Good Karma Hospital

The Good Karma Hospital

A group of doctors care for every kind of illness at a small hospital in India. This series has three seasons.



Two seasons of this noir mystery set in Wales will remind you of The Fall.

Loch Ness

Laura Fraser and Siobhan Finneran in The Loch

Windswept Scottish town near Loch Ness holds a strange mystery tale about several sudden deaths.

Deep Water

Yael Stone in Deep Water

Compelling Australian series about real murders of gay men that have gone on for years near Bondi Beach.

Blinded: Those Who Kill

Blinded: Those Who Kill

Danish noir about a woman police profiler. There are several seasons and versions of this series that came before this season.

The Heart Guy (Doctor, Doctor)

The Heart Guy (Doctor Doctor)

Charming Australian comedy about a bad boy doctor. Start with season 1 and keep watching for 4 seasons, with season 5 in the works.

My Life is Murder

Lucy Lawless, Bernard Curry and Ebony Vagulans in My Life is Murder

Delightful contemporary Australian mystery series with a second season on the way.

Ackley Bridge

There are 3 seasons of this drama set in a Yorkshire school where racial tensions abound.

Acorn TV is one of the least expensive streamers you can subscribe to and has a multitude of material you won’t find anywhere else. Are you already a subscriber? Did I miss one of your favorites? What is it?

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