The Devil to Pay, time for a reckoning

Danielle Deadwyler in The Devil to Pay

The Devil to Pay, set in the isolated world of the Appalachian mountains, tells a powerful story of retribution. Danielle Deadwyler leads the cast in this tense and atmospheric tale of long term feuds, unwritten laws, betrayal, and liberation.

Ezra Haslam and Danielle Deadwyler in The Devil to Pay

The Devil to Pay begins at the Cassidy family homestead. There we meet Lemon (Danielle Deadwyler) and her son Coy (Ezra Haslam). The man of the family has been gone a couple of days and Lemon doesn’t know when he’ll be back.

Danielle Deadwyler in The Devil to Pay

It’s a beautiful location. Quiet and free. Lemon and Coy attend to their chores – feed the chickens and goat, wash the clothes, rake fall leaves.

Two white men from the Runion clan arrive and tell Lemon she’s been summoned by the Runion matriarch, Tommy (Catherine Dyer).

Tommy is as sweet as can be, bless her heart. She explains to Lemon that her husband owed the Runions a debt and was sent to do something to make the score even. But he didn’t get the job done. Now Tommy wants Lemon to do it.

If Lemon doesn’t, Tommy will kill her son.

Lemon is forced to leave Coy with the two men. She borrows a car from her friend Grady (Charles Black) and goes in search of her husband.

Danielle Deadwyler in The Devil to Pay

Lemon finds their truck with the word “thief” written on the hood in blood. She knows what it means. She goes to the home of the Knox family to get the thing her husband was supposed to steal.

The Runions and Knoxes were at peace, but the slightest thing could set off a war. Lemon realizes she’s a pawn in this battle, a sacrifice to the renewing feud.

She’ll have to fight to save Coy and herself. So she does. Things get violent and a little gruesome, so be warned.

Lemon becomes a one woman army as she works her way out of danger and is able to return to her son. An interesting subplot involves a group of religious fanatics the mountain people call Heathens. They live just down the mountain and figure in some of Lemon’s maneuvers to gain freedom.

The Devil to Pay was written and directed by Lane Skye and Ruckus Skye. Danielle Deadwyler’s character was well developed and Deadwyler gave an outstanding performance.

The film is streaming on Netflix, Freevee and some other outlets.

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  1. Looks interesting, I’ll watch it. By the names of the authors, they might have been writing from personal experience.

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