The Women of Taken

Jennifer Beals and Clive Standen in Taken

Taken the TV show is a prequel story to the Taken movies starring Liam Neeson. In the TV show, Clive Standen stars as a 30-years-younger version of the Bryan Mills character. I’ve been watching the publicity for the TV series, which starts Feb. 27 on NBC.

Jennifer Beals has been the one doing a lot of the pre-premier publicity. I’m interested in Taken. But I’ve been concerned that it is going to be a minute of Jennifer Beals followed by many episodes of Clive Standen kicking ass.

I’m happy to say that may not be the case. There will be action, yes. But I hope there are interesting parts for women.

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like each of these women is in every episode of the first season – including Jennifer Beals. But I’m willing to watch anything with Jennifer Beals attached before I make up my mind about Taken.

SocialNews_XYZ has released a series of interviews with the women of Taken. Let’s watch.

Jennifer Beals

Jennifer Marsala

Monique Gabriela Curnen

Brooklyn Sudano

What do you think? Is this going to be pure testosterone dick flick material, or will there be something there for the women in the audience as well?

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