Then Came You with Kathie Lee Gifford to cheer your heart

Craig Ferguson and Kathie Lee Gifford in Then Came You

Then Came You is a romantic comedy that is all Kathie Lee Gifford. She stars in it. She wrote it. She wrote the songs (and sang some of them). If you’re in need of a bit of cheerful fluff with a happy ending, this will do the trick. You can see it on Prime Video.

Annabelle (Kathie Lee Gifford) lost her husband about a year ago. She decides to take a trip around the world to all the places she and her husband loved from their favorite movies.

Craig Ferguson and Kathie Lee Gifford in Then Came You

Her first stop is Scotland at the castle-like Inn run by Howard (Craig Ferguson). The movie was filmed in Cairndow, Argyll, Scotland. It’s an absolutely beautiful setting.

Howard and Annabelle have an easy banter and chemistry right from the start. He lost his wife recently. They joke with each other – lots of double entendres – and there’s some singing and drinking. Obviously they will fall in love.

Elizabeth Hurley in Then Came You

When it’s time for the snag in the love story, we learn that Howard is scheduled to marry Clare (Elizabeth Hurley). Well, that certainly is a complication.

Annabelle asks to be introduced to Howard’s aunt Arlene (Phyllida Law). I won’t tell you why, but it’s one of the more interesting quirks in this plot. After she meets Arlene she intends to go ahead with her plan to visit Italy and leave Howard behind to marry Clare.

But Clare isn’t the right woman for Howard, Annabelle is. How the details of that work out and how Howard manages to convince Annabelle to stay form the final act of the story.

Then Came You was directed by Adriana Trigiani who is a master at creating a gorgeous romcom.

See if the trailer looks like something you want to watch.

How do you feel about romcoms? I’ve seen so much dark stuff recently, a little fun with a happy ending was a pleasant change.

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