There are so few women-written reviews of “Widows,” it’s ridiculous!

Viola Davis and Cynthia Erivo in Widows

So I wrote a review of Widows. I’m a woman. I was reading a review by another woman, Carmen Phillips, at Autostraddle. I suddenly had a burning desire to see just how many Widows reviews by women I could find.

I went to Google. In the first two pages of results, I found many, many reviews by men. Here are the reviews I found by women.

That was it. My Widows review and the one from Autostraddle didn’t make the first two pages. If I’d kept going on Google for more pages, I’d probably have found more women. But who goes past the first two pages of results?

Then I went to the IMDB page of External Reviews for the film. I found about 20 women in a list of over 150 reviews in English and several other languages.

But it shouldn’t be so hard to find a woman’s opinion about a film about women!

Author: Virginia DeBolt

After many years as an educator and writer, Virginia retired from working life. She's always loved a good movie or TV show and wants to use her free time to talk about them with you now. #EldersRock! Look for Old Ain't Dead on Twitter.

5 thoughts on “There are so few women-written reviews of “Widows,” it’s ridiculous!”

  1. why does this surprise you? i’d guess there are more male movie reviewers than female, i’d guess more people thought this would be an action film than what it actually is (though why they would think that given the director is beyond me), which means men would be drawn to it, and i’d guess the reviewers’ editors are male. the male point of view is EVERYWHERE. that is one of the reasons i read your blog. 😉

      1. no, thank YOU. i have been turned on to so many good shows and movies about which i would have heard nothing but for you. if you ever feel no one notices, please know there is one middle aged Black man in Seattle who hangs on your every word.

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