Trigger Warning review, Jessica Alba is a one woman army

Jessica Alba in Trigger Warning

Trigger Warning with Jessica Alba is a fair to middling action drama. Jessica Alba plays a trained fighter who goes home for her father’s funeral. She takes on a whole array of bad guys in her home town by seeking vengeance for her father’s death.

Jessica Alba and Tone Bell in Trigger Warning
Parker and Spider in the desert

When we meet Parker (Jessica Alba) she’s driving across the desert with her CIA buddy Spider (Tone Bell). They’re in the middle of a gun fight. We see her combat skills. She’s especially good with a knife at close range.

When the fight is over, Parker get a call from the sheriff in her home town, Jesse (Mark Webber). She describes him to Spider as her prom date. Jesse tells her that her father died in a mine accident.

Her home is a town called Creation, a place that is mostly scrubby desert and dirt roads (filmed in New Mexico, naturally). Her father ran a bar called Maria’s next to an old mine that was full of tunnels and personal touches to make it homey.

Jesse makes her father’s death sound suspicious, so she begins looking into what really happened.

Jesse’s father is running for the Senate, his brother Elvis (Jake Weary) is the worst kind of a**hole and the crime rate has gone way up in Creation. As Parker hangs around and looks into things, she realizes it all ties in with her father’s death.

The tunnels in the mine were being used by terrorists who were up to no good. Her father happened to get in their way.

Once she figures out what happened, Parker unleashes her vengeance on a whole crew of bad guys . She gets rid of them one by one with brains, guns, grenades, rocket launchers, a machete, and her handy knife.

Jessica Alba does a decent job in her role as an action hero. She is one of the producers in Trigger Warning, so I suspect she’s hoping to expand her image a bit with the role.

The film was directed by Mouly Surya. She did a good job with the action scenes but added nothing new to the genre.

Netflix is streaming this one.

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