Under the Vines, S2, it’s harvest time in New Zealand

Charles Edwards and Rebecca Gibney in Under the Vines

Under the Vines returned for season 2 with the same warm and charming group of novice winemakers. They struggle to figure out wine, love, and life in this cheerful series.

Under the Vines stars Rebecca Gibney and Charles Edwards as two strangers who inherit a vineyard in New Zealand. She’s a society woman, he’s a lawyer. Neither have any clue about owning a vineyard.

We’re meant to cheer on the budding romance between Daisy (Gibney) and Louis (Edwards), but the two of them can’t seem to get together. It’s a constant push and pull in season 2.

Kirk Torrance and Rebecca Gibney in Under the Vines

Louis has to finally split up with his wife. Daisy, on the other hand, starts dating David (Kirk Torrance), the local doctor. Things get rather serious there.

Dean O'Gorman, Rebecca Gibney, and Charles Edwards in Under the Vines

Subplots with the ensemble cast abound. Griff (Dean O’Gorman), Daisy’s actor friend, comes out on Instagram as gay because of his love for hot tractor guy, Gus (Simon Mead). He thinks he’ll never work again after coming out, but it doesn’t hurt his career at all. Daisy and Louis can’t figure it out, but Griff and Gus have a lovely relationship.

Trae Te Wiki in Under the Vines

The genius young vintner Tippy (Trae Te Wiki) is shocked when the neighboring vintners hire a distant cousin of hers to work at their vineyard. He’s Philippe (Milo Cawthorne), who might be a great guy or a cad. Which is it?

There’s comedy in every situation. Hiring pickers for the harvest, helping neighbors who don’t want help, acting as god parents to expected children. There’s Daisy’s rash of, “Don’t say the M word,” hot flashes. There are threatening frosts, disappearing turkeys, money problems, drunken nights in the wrong bed, and a big twist at the end.

I hope the big twist means there will be a season 3 of this warm-hearted series.

This series on Acorn TV was created by Erin White. Katie Wolfe directed 3 of the episodes in season 2. It’s a bright, open story with feel good vibes. The scenery in New Zealand is always a treat. The entire second season is available to stream now. In case you haven’t seen the trailer, here it is.

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