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A young Jane Fonda

Jane, a 57 minute documentary from Sundance Doc Club, is about the young Jane Fonda. You can watch it in full at, but here’s a clip to let you know more about what you’ll be seeing.

The doc shows Jane Fonda rehearsing for a starring role in a Broadway play. When the play opens to harsh critical notices, her reaction is shown.

Sometimes I’m amazed that anyone survives the devastations of youth to reach the wisdom of age. Or maybe it’s the blows we take as young people that lead to the wisdom of age. Either way, Jane Fonda has endured many a hard knock to become the woman she is today. Her journey reminds us that it’s worth the effort to keep on going, to keep on keeping on.

Docclub has numerous documentaries on a variety of topics, all of which can be streamed if you join and pay a monthly fee.

3 thoughts on “Watch a clip from Jane”

  1. I did not see where you could stream them for free. I saw they wanted a monthly charge. Am I looking at the wrong site ?

    1. Oh, you’re right. It’s $6.99 a month to join. Where I originally watched this clip, I thought it said that you could watch the doc about Jane free. Obviously I read it wrong or something. It is not free. I’ll edit the material above. Thank you for letting me know I had it wrong.

      1. They do offer a free trial membership, but I think I’ll wait and see if I can get it on iTunes or somewhere else. “Jane” looks very interesting.

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