Watch This: Archie Panjabi Joins Blindspot

Archie Panjabi in Blindspot

Archie Panjabi signed on as a recurring character for Blindspot season 2. The series stars Jaimie Alexander as a woman completely covered with tattoos who arrives in Times Square in a duffle bag addressed to the FBI.

The woman, referred to as Jane Doe because she has no memory, begins working with the FBI and Agent Weller (Sullivan Stapleton). Weller apparently knew Jane Doe as a child. He thought for years that his father killed her, yet here she is.

Maybe Weller’s father (Jay O. Sanders) did kill that childhood friend. Maybe Jane Doe isn’t who anyone thinks she is. She may have inserted herself into the FBI for the purpose of destroying it. By the end of season 1, all that is up in the air.

Into the mix comes Panjabi as the head of a secret division of the NSA which has been tracking the Jane Doe case. I’m so glad Archie Panjabi is coming to this show and to a regular gig on TV. I got bored with Blindspot toward the end of season one. Each show was the same: decode a tattoo, go do a lot of violent things to solve the crime the tattoo revealed. Maybe throw in a bit of character development. Rinse and repeat.

Fingers crossed that the new season and new cast breathes some variety into this too violent crime thriller.

The teaser is a bit of a recap of season 1, a bit of a reveal for Panjabi, and a bit of a reminder that the show is changing to Wednesdays, premiering on September 14.

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