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Watch This: Trailer for House of Cards, the final season

Robin Wright in House of Cards

I confess, I stopped watching House of Cards when Trump was elected. It was all too much with a real-life horrible man in the White House and a character no better than him at the top of House of Cards.

But at least one sex abuser in our lives got demoted due to his actions, and the final season of this series will see Robin Wright take the lead as Claire Underwood. The nefarious Francis Underwood (Kevin Spacey) is a thing of the past. Maybe I’ll give fictional political corruption another try for the final season.

In the trailer, we get to hear Claire Underwood speak lines I wish we had heard Hillary Clinton say. Sigh. But Claire Underwood is no Hillary Clinton, at least she wasn’t in past seasons. She could manipulate and back-stab as well as any of the rest of the cast.

Along for the ride in season 6 will be Michael Kelly, Derek Cecil, Jayne Atkinson, Boris McGiver, Neve Campbell, Campbell Scott, Diane Lane, Greg Kinnear, and Patricia Clarkson. You can join the intrigue starting on November 2 on Netflix.

Will you  be watching?

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