Watch This: Trailer for Life Itself

Olivia Wilde in Life Itself

Coming from Amazon Studios is Life Itself a love story from writer and director Dan Fogelman, the man responsible for This is Us. The film will be released in September 2018.

Oscar Isaac and Olivia Wilde in Life itself

Life Itself centers on a couple (Oscar Isaac and Olivia Wilde) that lead a multi generational love story spanning both decades and continents, from the streets of New York to the Spanish countryside, and are all connected by a single event.

Life Itself stars Oscar Isaac, Olivia Wilde, Mandy Patinkin, Olivia Cooke, Laia Costa, Annette Bening, Samuel L. Jackson, and Antonio Banderas. I pretty much love any project Annette Bening attaches herself to, and I love Dan Fogelman’s TV series This is Us.

The description of this story as spanning decades and continents sounds like something Fogelman is a genius at creating.

There was a 2014 film also titled Life Itself about Roger Ebert, the film critic. If you go searching for this film, you may run into that one. After a theatrical run, Life Itself will be available on Amazon Video.

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