Watch This: Trailer for Seeing is Believing: Women Direct

Director Marianna Palka

Seeing is Believing: Women Direct is a documentary series with interviews of 50 women directors from film and television.

Cady McClain is the developers of this documentary series by women directors about women directors. The docs are winning awards on the festival circuit, but I haven’t seen any announcements about where it will be available after that. You can watch the Facebook page  or follow Cady McClain on Twitter to keep up.

Among others, the filmmakers talk with Sarah Gavron, Meera MenonLesli Linka Glatter, Leah MeyerhoffBetty Thomas, Marianna Palka (that’s her up above), Bethany Rooney, Deborah Del Prete, Lizzie Borden, Sarah Kernochan (Marjoe), Anne Makepeace, Carla Garapedian, and Lee Grant.

Seeing is Believing: Women Direct was a crowd funded project, and they still have a big donate button on their website. Here’s the original pitch video from Cady McClain.

I’m not a woman director, but I definitely want to hear what these women have to say.

Check out this interview with Cady McClain at A Celtic Dragon’s Blog.

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