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Watch This: Trailer for The Good Liar

Ian McKellan and Helen Mirren in The Good Liar

The Good Liar is one of those rare movies featuring grown-ups in a romantic suspense story that promises some surprises. It puts Ian McKellan and Helen Mirren in the same film for the first time ever.

I’m quite excited to see this film because #EldersRock! Here’s the official synopsis: “Career con artist Roy Courtnay can hardly believe his luck when he meets well-to-do widow Betty McLeish online. As Betty opens her home and life to him, Roy is surprised to find himself caring about her, turning what should be a cut-and-dry swindle into the most treacherous tightrope walk of his life.”

Bill Condon directed and produced the film from a screenplay by Jeffrey Hatcher, based on the novel by Nicholas Searle.

The Good Liar was written by a man, about a man. I’m hoping if Helen Mirren agreed to take this part, there some grit and strength for her in the role. (I need to read the book immediately to find out more about this story.)

Also starring are Jim Carter, who plays Roy’s longtime partner Vincent, and Russell Tovey, playing Betty’s grandson Stephen. Stephen doesn’t trust Roy and questions his grandmother about him.

The film will be in theaters November 15.

The Good Liar poster

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