Watch This: Trailers and Teasers for The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Laverne Cox in The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Just in time for Halloween, Fox is doing a remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. There is a following for this classic – people who have seen it dozens of times and know every line by heart. How will this remake do with the die-hard fans? Will it convert new viewers who have never seen it to die-hard fans?

Ryan McCartan and Victoria justice in The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Starring in this comedy, horror, musical extravaganza are Laverne Cox, Victoria Justice, Tim Curry, Reeve Carney, Ryan McCartan, Staz Nair and many more. Cox will play Dr. Frank-N-Furter with Nair as Rocky Horror.

According to Deadline, Tim Curry, who plays Narrator in the remake, got asked if he gives the Fox version his “unconditional endorsement. Curry played Dr. Frank-N-Furter in the original version.

“I do indeed,” he responded. He said he remembers “quite a lot” about making the original, it being his first movie role. “I didn’t miss much.” He said he offered himself to play Dr. Scott in the remake “because I was already in a wheelchair, but they thought Narrator was a better fit and I enjoyed it a lot.”

Are you a fan of the original 1975 version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show? That was over 40 years ago, whew, time flies. Are you one of many who have seen it performed live on stages around the country for the last few decades?

Are you looking forward to this version? It looks like Laverne Cox is really going to shine.

And the official preview,

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