Watch This: Trailer for Blood Stripe

Kate Nowlin in Blood Stripe

Blood Stripe is about a female veteran who returns from her 3rd tour in Afghanistan and attempts to survive with PTSD.

Kate Nowlin stars as the Marine sergeant. Female combat veterans are a new topic for most films. Blood Stripe looks powerful and thought provoking, but according to reviews from folks who saw it on the festival circuit, it also contains quite a bit of humor.

Here’s the film synopsis, “Unable to sleep, wracked by paranoia and anxiety, it is clear that in addition to the scars she bears on her body, she also carries unseen wounds. When a boisterous homecoming party provokes an explosive outburst, Our Sergeant has nowhere to turn, and so she runs deep into the North Woods of Minnesota. Discovering a picturesque summer camp on a lake, Our Sergeant seeks refuge and, at first, finds solace. But she cannot outrun her own heart of darkness and the pristine wilderness eventually becomes fraught with peril.”

The character isn’t given a name on IMDB or in the synopsis. She’s “Our Sergeant.” Not sure I like that. If you’re delving into the effects of PTSD on the female psyche, naming seems important.

Remy Auberjonois and Kate Nowlin wrote the film. Remy Auberjonois directs. Tom Lipinski, Chris Sullivan, Remy Auberjonois, and Rusty Schwimmer also appear in Blood Stripe.

The film begins a limited release in late September and early October. I don’t see any info on a wide release date or a date when it might be available for streaming or on DVD. I’ll mention it on Twitter if I see anything.

‘Blood Stripe’ Exclusive Trailer from The Playlist on Vimeo.

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