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Welcome to Earth with Will Smith as tour guide

Will Smith at the edge of a volcano in Welcome to Earth

Welcome to Earth with Will Smith is a National Geographic series on Disney+. Several scientists and adventurers take Will Smith along as they look at some of the unseen wonders of the Earth. It’s fascinating and amazing.

In Welcome to Earth, a number of the scientists were women, which I appreciated. Watching Smith follow a woman into the ocean filled with sharks or chatting about bird poop with women scientists was a treat.

A salt flat covered with shallow water refects the Milky Way in Welcome to Earth

Everything about this series is visually beautiful. The things you see are amazing and stunning. Each episode was organized around a scientific concept and the places Will went as well as other footage were used to illustrate that concept.

The volcano visit was actually about sound. The episode where Will went 3300 feet under the ocean in a tiny sub was about color. The behavior of wildebeests in the Serengeti was about swarming in many species. There was an episode about scent. Another episode was about how everything on the earth is in motion at different speeds, some of which we can’t even perceive. The final episode was about dealing with fear.

With Will Smith as the glue holding each adventure together, there were plenty of jokes. Smith had a movie reference for just about everything he saw, which grew pretty funny. He had some excellent insights about the things he saw and lessons he learned.

After two years of COVID, staying home and not doing much, it was a welcome experience to be reminded that it’s a big world out there full of nearly magical nature. It is good to be reminded of the multitude of amazing life that humans will destroy with climate change if things don’t reverse very soon. (The series itself never said a word about climate change, I was reading between the lines.)


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