WMC Releases 2017 Analysis of Gender & Oscar Nominations

It’s a big #OscarsSoMale year. Fuck that. Not only are things no better than in past years, there’s even been a dip in the number of women nominated for Oscars in non-acting categories. This news comes in the form of a report from the Women’s Media Center (WMC).

Here’s the short version: The number of female Oscar nominees for behind-the-scenes roles drops. 80 percent of all nominees are men.

Yes, women represent only 20 percent of the non-acting categories in the 89th annual Academy Award nominations. No female directors were nominated and only one female writer (Allison Schroeder for Hidden Figures).

In the documentary features category, Ava DuVernay was nominated for 13th. There were a few rays of hope like this, but not many.

The dismal news was put into this infographic by the Women’s Media Center.

Women's Media Center Infographic of number of female Oscar nominations

The WMC provided a press release, if you’d like more in-depth detail.

Angry woman photo credit: https://flic.kr/p/9moQXa via Flickr.

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