Wynonna Earp Season 2 Opened with Surprises

Melanie Scrofano, Tim Rozon, Dominique Provost-Chalkley in Wynonna Earp

Season 2 of Wynonna Earp raced out of the starting gate, ran 12 furlongs at fun speed, and won everything.

“Steel Bars and Stone Walls” began seconds after the closing of season 1. Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) shoots a monster, not Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) or Doc (Tim Rozon). One cliffhanger down.

Wynonna went to Dolls’ (Shamier Anderson) motel room to find clues to help get him out of Black Badge prison. She found Eliza (Rachel Skarsten). Yes. Rachel Skarsten from Lost Girl.

I’m sure it didn’t go quite like this, but

Wynonna and Eliza have a great fight, throwing each other against walls and doing all sorts of thrilling underwear-clad moves. Then they team up to go rescue Dolls. The bad part of this wonderful surprise was Eliza only made it through one episode. Alas, filled with lead by Agent Lucado (Kate Drummond).

If series creator Emily Andras is going to bring in more secret guests from her days on Lost Girl, there’s a certain succubus and her sidekick who would make swell surprises, too. (Never hurts to ask.)

Here’s the rest of the action, minus a ton of details. Doc’s hat gets eaten by a monster. They rescue Dolls, barely. Waverly tastes funny now that she’s infected with black monster goo and Officer Haught (Katherine Barrell) doesn’t like kissing her anymore. Waverly can use her valkyrie eyes (hat tip to Rachel Skarsten all along with the valkyrie eyes?) to scare off the new monsters invading the area. Melanie Scrofano does great crying.

The last surprise was the appearance of Kevin Hanchard from Orphan Black playing some bigwig in BBD who decides to give Wynonna a chance to use heir powers to help clear the area of monsters and demons. Wynonna, Waverly, and Doc join BBD with bloody thumbprints.

I love having Wynonna Earp, Lost Girl, and Orphan Black all mashed up into one great kaboom of a night. Such riches.

Action packed, hilarious, and unleaked surprises. How could a fan ask for more?

3 thoughts on “Wynonna Earp Season 2 Opened with Surprises”

  1. That scene when Wynonna finally lets herself break was heart-wrenching. Melanie nailed that scene so perfectly.

    The fight scene with Melanie and Rachel was fantastic. Wicked hot, badass, funny, and extremely well choreographed. Great job to everyone involved.

    Nicole’s obvious feelings of abandonment and betrayal at being left out is heart-breaking. I hope Waverly will notice and do her best to try to reassure her that she’s still loved and needed.

    The recurring joke of Doc forgetting he’s not wearing his hat and people pointing out he looks odd without it were pretty funny. Good job, TIm. And Doc confronting Lucado was badass as well. “How do you like my mustache now?” Heh.

    Props to the writing and editing choices that keep us guessing and worrying about what Gooverly might do. The axe scene and the cliffhanger from last season were expert misdirection.

    1. At the beginning of season 1 I thought Doc would be the villain. Boy, was I wrong. I hope he finds a brand new hat soon. He can’t function without one. Gooverly – I love that. It’s perfect.

      1. They did kind of set it up to seem that way. More of that brilliant misdirection I mentioned. The writing and directing on this show is top notch.

        And yes, Doc without a hat is truly a sorry sight. Thankfully, in their region, cowboy hats are quite easy to acquire.

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